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Leveled Classes (beginning in 3rd grade)


Originating in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century but refined by the French and Russians, ballet is known as the foundation for most other dance styles known in the performing arts world today. At Revelation & Co, ballet students learn body placement, footwork, vocabulary, and ballet history in 5 different placement levels, depending upon a dancer’s age and technique proficiency. If a dancer must choose only one style of dance, ballet is always recommended. One is wise to think of ballet as the good, solid foundation upon which all other modern dance styles are built.


An extension of classical ballet, students take basic ballet class in pointe shoes that allow them to dance on the very tip of their toes. Students must be in Level 5 Ballet and take two ballet classes per week to be eligible for pointe class. Pointe leveling is under the discretion of the dance instructor and a licensed physical therapist.


Developed from dances of Africans brought to the Americas as slaves, jazz is best known in America as a theatrical dance performed on stage. Jazz has its technical foundation in ballet, but, unlike ballet, utilizes the isolated movements of the head, shoulders, rib cage, and hips. Jazz encompasses several variations including hip hop, musical theatre, contemporary, and lyrical. At Revelation & Co, level 1 (2nd/3rd grade) introduces students to basic theatrical jazz technique, level 2 incorporates elements of hip hop, and levels 3-5 combine basic theatrical jazz and hip hop with elements of contemporary and lyrical jazz.


One, if not the sole, true American dance form, tap originated from the combination of African tribal dances and Irish clog dances and is best known for its percussive use of metal on the bottom of shoes. At Revelation & Co, tap students are introduced to both major variations of tap dance: Broadway tap and Rhythm tap. Tap classes at R&C begin at age 5 with basic fine motor skill practice and continue
through to level 4 with a goal of a mastery of such tap skills as pick-ups, wings, improvisation, and musicality. Twice per year, R&C offers short term ADULT TAP sessions.

Musical Theatre

Used to describe a variety of styles, musical theatre is any style of dance used in a musical theatre production. Musical Theatre at R&C incorporates lessons in American musical theatre history, clips from Broadway productions, choreography inspired by well-known American musical theatre choreographers, and basic American jazz technique to prepare students to perform on the musical theatre stage.R&C’s musical theatre classes have performed in productions of Grease, The King & I, Seussical the Musical, The Beauty & the Beast, Shrek the Musical, The Jungle Book, Honk!, and six Broadway Revues.

Junior Musical Theatre – 3rd through 6th grades & Senior Musical Theatre – 7th grade & up.
The Jungle Book, Shrek, & 5 Broadway Revues

Early Childhood Dance Education:

Creative Movement

3 year olds through Pre-Kindergarten – Students of Creative Movement are introduced to the art of dance through creative movement, improvisation exercises, and beginning ballet & jazz theory and vocabulary. R&C incorporates the new and exciting Dancely curriculum into our preschool classes. Dancely was developed by dance professionals along with the song and choreography creators from Disney, Nickelodeon, and Marvel. Students will have the most fun exploring the world of dance while also engaging their imaginations, refining gross motor skills, and beginning to learn fine motor skills. Creative Movement is a 45 minute class once a week.

Combo 1 (ballet/tap)

Kindergarteners – Students in Combo 1 build on the gross and fine motor skills and dance vocabulary they learned in Creative Movement. During the ballet section, students begin to learn balance and the beginning of ballet placement. Students are introduced for the first time to tap. Tap is a fine motor skill. Revelation & Co believes that students more greatly succeed in the style of tap when they delay the start of tap lessons until around age 5. Students in Combo 1 tap begin learning rhythm, shift of weight, and basic tap skills life flap and shuffle. The Dancely curriculum is also incorporated into this class. Combo 1 is a 45 minute class once a week.

Combo 2 (ballet/tap)

1st graders – Continuing with the layering on of technical skills, Combo 2 students learn ballet skills and vocabulary and work toward an understanding of improvisation, connecting with an audience, and the use of energy to tell a story. In the tap section, students add to their tap skills the mastery of such steps as the Irish, Buffalo, and Maxi-Ford. Combo 2 is a 45-minute class once a week.

Combo 3

2nd graders will continue building upon to their dance technique by transitioning to a longer class (1hour) and adding Intro to Jazz to their skill set. This class introduces students to a more structured environment with a jazz warm-up to start and a more concentrated study of ballet placement and such skills as pirouette turns and pas de bourees. Tap steps such as buffalos and cramp rolls are also added to the class syllabus. The structure of this class helps for a smooth transition to the Leveled classes beginning in 3rd grade.
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