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Dress code is very important and taken seriously at Revelation & Co. dance studio; it provides continuity and a professional atmosphere to the class.

woodward ballet dance studio

Creative Ballet

Any color leotard and ballet pink tights.
Pink ballet slippers.
Hair in a bun.
No panties under leotards.
Tights serve as undergarment.

Combo Classes 1,2, & 3

Any color leotard and ballet pink tights.
Pink ballet slippers and white tap shoes.
Must replace ribbons in tap shoes with elastic.
Hair in a bun.
No panties under leotards.
Tights serve as undergarment.
1st and second grade dance woodward

Ballet Levels 1-4

Any color leotard and pink or tan tights.
No booty shorts.
Pink leather ballet slippers.
Hair in a bun.

Jazz Levels 1-4

Any color leotard and tights.
May wear booty shorts or leggings over tights.
No baggy clothes.
Black slip on jazz shoes.
Hair secured out of face.
woodward girls dancing in studio
woodward girls in tap dance class

Tap Levels 1-4

Any color leotard and tights.
May wear booty shorts over tights.
Black lace-up, hard-shank tap shoes.
Hair secured out of face.

Express Week!!

The last full week of the month
(Monday – Thursday) students may wear any non-dress code dance clothes to class.
Now is the time for students to express themselves through any danceable clothes they may have in their drawers.
Please….no jeans or denim of any kind.
Hair must still be secured out of face and/or in a bun for ballet classes.
Dancers in woodward studio being goofy

A variety of clothes/shoes for a variety of budgets can be found at http://www.discountdance.com/

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