Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls is the new performance company at Revelation & Co Dance. The group is made up of dancers third grade to Senior. They rehearse a couple times a month, learning new repertoire each season. Each season the company performs 2-4 times within the community at churches, festivals, and special events. This is in addition to the studio’s fall and spring performances.


The main goals of the company:

  1. To share the art of dance in a variety of places to a variety of audiences for the sole purpose of connecting to others in a tangible way that can only happen through the performing arts.
  2. To provide students who are serious about dance and theatre more performance opportunities.
  3. To encourage personal growth within our company members. Extra responsibility breeds extra loyalty, preparedness, and confidence. We believe at Revelation & Co that the connection between the artist and the audience can bring emotional, mental, and spiritual revelation to all participants.

How to Join

Any R&C student who is 3rd grade and up can audition to be a part of company. There are policies and extra responsibilities that the members must follow. If you have questions regarding being a company dancer or if you have an idea for a performance opportunity for the company, please message us.


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