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Mark your Calendars. 2021 dance concert is May 22!

  • So very proud of my two beauties and their love for performing!! Revelation & Co put on an AMAZING show tonight... Every single one of the girls did such a wonderful job.
    Talk about pouring your heart out on stage to tell a story... All of the dancers did just that. The story that was told was beyond inspirational. Thank you TeNeil for sharing your talent and pouring your heart and soul into inspiring our daughters!! YOU are a firework!!
  • The show was amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ we loved every single bit of it!!
  • Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!  Pure amazing talent on stage tonight! TeNeil Spaeth and ALL of the Revelation and Co. dancers did an amazing job tonight at their recital. The dance, the art, the story such class. Another truly amazing performance in the books......Thank you so much for teaching my daughter Kourtlen the true meaning of art and dance.
  • Revelation and Co dance concert tonight left me speechless. So much talent, creativity and heart!
  • My heart runneth over. Just experienced the best dance concert ever! So much talent and imagination!! Congrats to all the dancers and to TeNeil Spaeth. Successful night. Wow is all I can say!
  • I dislike dance recitals maybe more than anyone; however, I just sat through one that was a great production. I was very impressed. Terrific job TeNeil Spaeth.
  • Outstanding job! I loved every minute of the recital!  Thank you for truly loving what you do.
  • The absolute best dance recital I've ever been to!!! TeNeil Spaeth is amazing!!! I am so thankful we made the switch!!!
  • I loved the dance recital! It was thought provoking, inspiring, and innovative. Way to go crew! I can't wait to come back to see next year's recital!
Part of the philosophy at Revelation & Co is to uphold a positive and professional atmosphere at all times. A large part of that is producing not just a dance “recital”, but a dance concert that truly represents the idea that dance is art and should be presented as such. Our show is more than just a recited number of dances. It is a continual show with a storyline. You won’t want to miss a moment!  
With the help of backstage sitters, parents are able to relax and enjoy every second of the story-telling.  
AND professional DVDs and dance photographs are available to purchase following the performance. Parents get to watch in REAL time, not through a screen or lens, and can have souvenirs of the show to enjoy for years to come.
Countless reviews are in and the verdict is that Revelation & Co Dance Studio in Woodward has the “best dance recital ever”.

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