Students of the Month

October 2019

The first STUDENT OF THE MONTH for the new dance year is EMMA CRITTEN!!

Emma is a 2nd grader at Cedar Heights and is in Combo 3 (Tap, Ballet, Intro to Jazz). This is her 5th year at R&C!!

Here are some other fun facts about Emma:

1.  She wants to be a Vampire for Halloween this year.
2.  She prefers chocolate over vanilla.
3.  Her favorite style of dance is Ballet.
4.  Her favorite R&C moment is EXPRESS WEEK each month!!

Way to go, Emma!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The Leveled Classes October Student of the Month is Madeline Waggoner.

Madeline is a 4th grader at Horace Mann in Woodward. Madeline is in Musical Theatre Jr, Jazz 2, Tap 2, and Ballet 2, and this is her 6th year at R&C!!

Here are some other fun facts about Madeline:

1) She plans to be a Nerd for Halloween.
2) She prefers Chocolate over Vanilla
3) Her favorite style of dance is Musical Theatre.
4) Her favorite R&C moment(s) so far is the annual Christmas Pajama Jam!!

Congratulations, Madeline!! ❤👏🏻❤👏🏻

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Philosophy Behind our Student of the Month Program

The Student of the Month is chosen by the student body. This decision was made because we want to encourage dancers to look for the good qualities in others. We want our studio to be a positive, uplifting environment where dancers go to work their hardest and are inspired by others also doing their best.  This program not only requires students to look for the positive in others but gives them a goal and another reason to dance and behave to their potential. This will NOT be a popularity contest. Staff will have the final say in all who receive the award, but a student will not be chosen who has not been nominated (unless, for some reason, no one at all was nominated).

If you could read the nomination cards, you would have a complete understanding of the reason and goals behind this program. Because students have to nominate for a specific reason (not just “I like her”), they have to truly see something good in another person, whether or not that has anything to do with the actual dancing is their choice. R&C couldn’t be prouder of what our students are choosing to see in each other. They are definitely a community who supports, not tears down… matter the level of dance technique of each individual

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