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As with any service, Revelation & Co. understands that you have choices in who teaches your child dance. There are some successful studios and dance teachers in the Woodward area, and we know that choosing who to dance with can be a difficult decision for you and your dancer. Here are some things to consider…


Revelation & Co is owned and operated by TeNeil Spaeth. TeNeil has a dance/arts management degree from Oklahoma City University, a college just named one of the top 10 dance schools in America, where she trained under premiere professionals in the dance world. After teaching full time and managing a studio in Oklahoma City and directing the Spirit of Grace dance team at OCU, TeNeil was company manager for Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and spent 3 seasons as company manager for Tulsa Opera. Upon moving back to rural Oklahoma, she founded and directed Praise Revolution, a liturgical dance team, and also started and directed a summer dance & musical theatre dance camp for kids called Dance Revelation. TeNeil has experience teaching all age groups and has special training in teaching dance to preschoolers.

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Revelation & Co. is founded on the premise that dance is art. It is God-inspired and is a part of our lives to be a joy, a love, a grace. While dancers must be strong as any athlete, dance is subjective and not black-and-white like competitive sports. All that said, a strong foundation in proper dance technique is required if a dancer wants to progress to her full potential in the art of dance. It is the goal of Revelation & Co. to inspire beauty and greatness in every dancer while providing a strong foundation in dance alignment, placement, and footwork that makes up correct dance technique.



At our dance studio,Revelation & Co. in Woodward, you will find a nurturing, professional, non-competitive, performing arts environment where the love of dance and all performing arts is cultivated and where art meets and, in turn, creates revelation in every aspect of a dancer’s life.


Performance Opportunities

Revelation & Co. is teaming up with Onstage Woodward and the Woodward Arts Theatre to provide real world dance and musical theatre performance opportunities for our students. In addition to our Dance Concert at the end of the season, older (11 and older) students will be given the chance to perform in Onstage Woodward’s spring musical during this dance year. This is something to be excited about!!


Class Size

At R&C, we believe that class size plays an important role in your child’s dance education.  Dance classes for 2nd grade and below are kept at around 12 or below. Having many more students than 12 in a class creates a counter-productive environment. Dance students at R&C ALWAYS get one on one attention at some point in class. Students are corrected before they begin learning bad habits and are given encouraging, constructive critiques throughout class.  Teacher feedback is crucial for a dancer’s growth. Students at R&C are never sent to the back row and forgotten about.


Sprung Dance Floor

A professional, quality dance floor is mandatory for a dancer’s health and long-term career. At R&C, students dance on a professional grade, semi-sprung floor. A sprung floor surface provides enough give to protect a dancer’s joints, muscles, and bones from injury. Dancing on concrete, asphalt, and other poor surfaces create potential health hazards for dancers. R&C will never expose their students to unsafe dance surfaces – in class or during any outside performances.

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R&C takes pride in staying organized and providing parents/guardians with prompt and thorough communication. All special events announcements and policy info is provided in a timely, proficient manner.


Focus on Foundation

Have you ever seen a teacher ask a student to solve an algebra equation without first teaching the student basic addition and multiplication? The answer would hopefully be a resounding “no”. Yet, that is exactly what happens time and time again in dance schools across the country. The current dance trend is “tricks above technique”, and, while that philosophy might possibly win trophies at a dance competition, if a dancer is interested in her/his bodily health and safety or any long-term dancing career (even through high school), a strong foundation in technique is a must. At R&C, a solid foundation in placement, footwork, and kinesiology will give your dancer the groundwork she/he needs to succeed in multiple styles of dance, if she/he so chooses.

Students also learn units in dance history and dance vocabulary, which include self-reflection quizzes on the subjects. The goal here at R&C is to create well-rounded individuals who happen to be excellent dancers and who will, hopefully, love and support the arts for the rest of their lives.


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